Peabody Funeral Homes & Cremtorium, Derry and Londonderry, NH


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Montrachet Solid Mahogany / Champagne Velvet $13,900.00

Statesman Solid Mahogany / Champagne Velvet $8300.00

Pennington Solid Cherry / Champagne Velvet $5250.00

North Solid Mahogany / Champagne Velvet $4175.00

Envoy II Solid Cherry / Champagne Velvet $3525.00

Dover Solid Maple / Champagne or Pink Velvet $3345.00

Pieta Solid Maple / Champagne Velvet $3345.00

Warner Post Oak / Champagne Velvet $3175.00

Sovereign Solid Pecan / Champagne Velvet $3075.00

Fredrick Poplar / Basketweave Crepe $2695.00

Norwood NE Poplar / Rosetan Crepe $2575.00

Kirkland Solid Ash / Rosetan Crepe $2425.00

Button Oak / Rosetan Crepe $2395.00

Victory Select Hardwood / Rosetan Crepe $2295.00

Endicott Select Hardwood / Rosetan Crepe $2225.00

Nashua Solid Poplar /Rosetan Crepe $2075.00

Groton Select Pine / Rosetan Crepe $1975.00

Camden Select Hardwood / Rosetan Crepe $1675.00

Rental Cherry / Velvet w/ Alternative Container (cremation only) $1525.00

Rental Oak / Crepe With Alternative Container (cremation only) $1275.00
Rental - Walnut Finish / Crepe With Alternative Container (cremation only) $1275.00



Our funeral home makes no representations or warranties about the protective value of certain caskets or outer burial containers other than those made by the manufacturer. The only warranties, expressed or implied, granted in conection with goods sold with this funeral service are written warranties, if any, extended by the manufacturers thereof. No other warranties and, specifically, no warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are extended by the seller.